Healthcare: an all-embracing term that is used in many ways. What is healthcare? Is it the care provided in hospitals or institutions? Is it the care provided by the old-fashioned ward nurse in the 1970s and 80s, or by the family doctor who delivered babies himself? Do you still recognise the question ‘do you have public or private insurance’? Times have changed.

We are convinced that healthcare has now become a consumer good. So expectation management and customer orientation play an essential role here. Is your company or organisation equipped for this? As a doctor or nurse, can you handle that patient who first diagnosed themselves on and came to tell you what’s wrong with them? Welcome to the modern age of consumer market healthcare.

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Do you need guidance with instituting a change process in your care company, healthcare or home healthcare organisation or institution? We’re at your service and have extensive experience in healthcare practice and transitions. We have carried out projects for diverse healthcare and home healthcare organisations, hospitals and medical practices. These include:

  • Advice and coaching for reorganising a GP practice (financial and organisational)
  • Training GP practice employees
  • Efficiency programme for a hospital partnership
  • Supervising a certification process
  • Training assistants for a hospital department
  • Advice and coaching for a growing home healthcare organisation
  • Writing training programmes and refresher courses for a home healthcare organisation
  • Continuing education for trainers and moderators
  • Coaching and implementing the establishment of an independent treatment clinic (ZBC)
  • Recruiting and selecting nurses and district nurses, doctor’s assistants and GP-based nurse specialists

Can’t see what you need here, but would you still like to brainstorm for an hour? Then contact us and we will gladly take up the challenge with you!