Are you ready for a transformation of your organisation and staff? SC supports your organisation when you need it, on an organisation-wide, team-oriented or individual level. Reorganisation and imminent job losses can have an impact on your employees. They may respond very differently to new challenges within the organisation or elsewhere.

Using our customer-focused approach, we at SC assemble a team that supports your organisation based on your needs. We have the knowledge and expertise to advise you about efficient solutions related to reorganisation, change management, outplacement and coaching.

SC offers support for redesigning your organisation and helps your employees quickly and successfully transition to a new job at your company or with a new employer. We focus on ensuring that both your organisation and your employees move towards a better future.

In addition, we guide employees who want to make a successful transition to life as a freelancer/self-employed entrepreneur.

If assessments are part of the transformation within your organisation, we can provide consultants specialised in assessment.

The way we work is focused on ensuring that the right employee is in the right job. This leads to business results and job satisfaction – both of which are important!